If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.

Ten years too late, it’s good riddance to wind farms – one of the most dangerous delusions of our age

Christopher Booker UK

"I have been following this (wind turbine) extraordinary story for ten years ever since, in 2002, I first began looking carefully at what really lay behind this deceptive obsession with the charms of wind power. It didn’t take me long, talking to experts and reading up on the technical facts, to see that the fashionable enthusiasm for wind energy was based on a colossal illusion. I first warned about what I called ‘the greatest mistake in our history’ in an article in the Mail almost ten years ago.
I described the claim that it would be the answer to all our future energy problems as a catastrophic failure of judgment. I feared that windpower was stupendously inefficient and ludicrously expensive and that by falling for the greatest energy hoax of our time, the Labour government could be consigning Britain to a very dark future. So unreliable are wind turbines — thanks to the wind’s constant vagaries — that they are one of the most inefficient means of producing electricity ever devised."

"The erection of a wind turbine creates apprehension in the general public, which makes the property less desirable and thus diminishes the prices of neighbouring property...” “Continuing scientific uncertainty over the adverse health consequences of wind turbines only serves to perpetuate the debilitating effect of wind turbines on property prices.”
Ben Lansink, Appraiser

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Alec N. Salt, Ph.D., Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory, Washington University in St. Louis.


Large wind turbines generate very low frequency sounds and infrasound (below 20 Hz) when the wind driving them is turbulent. The amount of infrasound depends on many factors, including the turbine manufacturer, wind speed, power output, local topography, and the presence of nearby turbines (increasing when the wake from one turbine enters the blades of another). The infrasound cannot be heard and… Continue reading

September 29, 2009

by Lynn Stein “I just want you to know that I seem to have lost yet another potential sale to a couple who were considering buying a waterfront lot near the Bluffs. I disclosed the map of wind energy projects and that was the end….this is the third occasion….I also understand it’s happened with (another agent) here in our office as well…” Read more…

January 19, 2011

by Jon Boone


Windspeak: Language used by those who profit financially, politically, or ideologically from wind technology that disguises, distorts, or reverses the meanings of words in order to promote the technology. Oxymorons, which combine incongruous or contradictory terms, abound in windspeak—viz, windpower, wind capacity, responsible windpower (double oxymoron), windfarms, windparks, wind jobs, wind reliability workshops, and wind as alternate energy. Generally any claim made for the technology in windspeak produces the virtually… Continue reading
Editor’s Note: the web personnel do not ascribe to the comments by Mr. Luxemburger re his positive outlook on wind power per se. Further research tells us that wind energy is not viable, too expensive and does not provide anything “green” at all. It is our view that Mr. Luxemburger’s valuable contributions to this site are on depressed land values, aviation safety, and his belief that people who suffer financial losses due… Continue reading
July 19, 2012 Don Crosby, Sun Times correspondent http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com Realtor Mike McMurray says one of the major Canadian banks with a branch in the Melancthon Township area has studied the impact of a wind turbine contract registered on a property and has decided not to allow lines of credit on houses situated near wind farms. He said he also knows of at least two insurance companies that are refusing to insure properties with industrial wind turbines. “It increases the risk… Continue reading

October 4, 2012

By John Miner, The London Free Press



Homeowners close to wind turbines can expect to see much of their property values blown away, a provocative study by a London property appraiser has found. Sellers in the future could even find their properties are worth nothing, says the study by Ben Lansink of Lansink Appraisals and Consulting. “If there is no buyer, there may be no value,” Lansink concluded.


Read more…

September 9, 2009

Kurt C. Kielisch

This is a study of the impact that wind turbines have on residential property value. The wind turbines that are the focus of this study are the larger turbines being approximately 389 ft tall and producing 1.0+ megawatts each, similar to the one pictured to the right.

The study has been broken into three component parts, each looking at the value impact of the wind turbines from a… Continue reading

October 2009

Dr. Manuel Frondel, Nolan Ritter, Prof. Colin Vance, Ph.D.


You mean they are not green, and cost too much, and add energy BURDEN to the system?  So Germany’s experiment in wind didn’t work well? And Germany is now building 26 more coal fired plants?
  • Germany’s efforts led to its status as being the country with the second largest wind capacity in the world after the United States
  • installed capacity is NOT the same… Continue reading
“View,” writes Kielisch, “adds value. Take away the view, you take away the value.” 
In conclusion the average value loss was 20.7% for the study area. “It is equally reasonable to conclude that some residents in close proximity to wind turbines experience genuine negative health effects from Low Frequency Noise, infrasound and blade flicker. Of the studies and reports cited, an average setback of little over a mile should significantly lessen detrimental health effects. In addition to noise and… Continue reading

November, 2007

Compiled by Keith Stelling, MA (McMaster), MNIMH, Dip. Phyt., MCPP (England)

The history of human technological innovation is littered with projects that have had to be abandoned because they were based on a narrow theoretical view that failed to take into account the whole picture. The commercial exploitation of wind energy is fast showing signs of such failure.

The last ten years in Europe has provided ample opportunity to evaluate the real costs and claimed benefits of industrial… Continue reading