If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.

Ten years too late, it’s good riddance to wind farms – one of the most dangerous delusions of our age

Christopher Booker UK

"I have been following this (wind turbine) extraordinary story for ten years ever since, in 2002, I first began looking carefully at what really lay behind this deceptive obsession with the charms of wind power. It didn’t take me long, talking to experts and reading up on the technical facts, to see that the fashionable enthusiasm for wind energy was based on a colossal illusion. I first warned about what I called ‘the greatest mistake in our history’ in an article in the Mail almost ten years ago.
I described the claim that it would be the answer to all our future energy problems as a catastrophic failure of judgment. I feared that windpower was stupendously inefficient and ludicrously expensive and that by falling for the greatest energy hoax of our time, the Labour government could be consigning Britain to a very dark future. So unreliable are wind turbines — thanks to the wind’s constant vagaries — that they are one of the most inefficient means of producing electricity ever devised."

"The erection of a wind turbine creates apprehension in the general public, which makes the property less desirable and thus diminishes the prices of neighbouring property...” “Continuing scientific uncertainty over the adverse health consequences of wind turbines only serves to perpetuate the debilitating effect of wind turbines on property prices.”
Ben Lansink, Appraiser

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by Ben Acheson

NORTH AYRSHIRE Council has been using primary school children to distribute ‘green’, pro-renewables propaganda on behalf of a wind energy developer. What else is there to say? Is there any need to argue that this is unacceptable, downright deplorable behaviour? Surely that one sentence sums up the ethics of wind farm developers.

For anyone who is still ‘on the fence’ about wind power, this astounding news should help to make up their minds once and for… Continue reading

03 Nov 2012


Wind farm noise causes “clear and significant” damage to people’s sleep and mental health, according to the first full peer-reviewed scientific study of the problem.

American and British researchers compared two groups of residents in the US state of Maine. One group lived within a mile of a wind farm and the second group did not.

Both sets of people were demographically and socially similar, but the researchers found major differences in the quality of sleep… Continue reading

28 February 2011


Scarcely a day goes by without more evidence to show why the Government’s obsession with wind turbines, now at the centre of our national energy policy, is one of the greatest political blunders of our time.

Under a target agreed with the EU, Britain is committed within ten years — at astronomic expense — to generating nearly a third of its electricity from renewable sources, mainly through building thousands more wind turbines.

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When you speak to people about how property values are affected by wind turbines, the pro-wind groups always beat you down, or do their own biased studies that get the results that they want. This is a REAL letter from a realtor who tells it like it is. This is what could happen in North Carolina if we do not protect our ridges from commercial wind turbines. And with lost property values comes lost tax revenues for the county.… Continue reading

OCTOBER 12, 2012


Land and real estate values in areas close to wind farms have become a hot button issue. Recent reports offer conflicting information on the impact these facilities have on property values.

It’s an issue in Southern Ontario, as well as many regions of Eastern Ontario, including along the St. Lawrence Seaway. Today, we host Part II of our live chat with two experts who have different viewpoints on the issue.


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February 7, 2011


Given the abundance of recent letters to the editor regarding the wind turbine industry’s plans for our part of Ontario, I would like to concentrate on an important aspect of the wind industry’s campaign of disinformation that has so far received little attention: the basis for their insistence that real estate values near wind turbine sites are unaffected by their presence.

I have received two reports purporting to show the lack of any negative effect. One… Continue reading

Credit:  Paul Cluff | The Goderich Signal-Star | http://www.goderichsignalstar.com 26 September 2012 ~~


A real estate agent who owns a cottage in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh warned council that property values could drop significantly with further wind turbine project development.

Paul Shantz told council of 78 assessment reductions since 2008 at properties on Wolfe Island, totaling $3 million in lost value.

The largest reductions were closest to the turbines, part of Ontario’s second largest wind farm, and ranged from $101,000… Continue reading

By Andrew Gilligan

Sep 12 2010

To green campaigners, it is windfarm heaven, generating a claimed fifth of its power from wind and praised by British ministers as the model to follow. But amid a growing public backlash, Denmark, the world’s most windfarm-intensive country, is turning against the turbines.

Last month, unnoticed in the UK, Denmark’s giant state-owned power company, Dong Energy, announced that it would abandon future onshore wind farms in the country. “Every time we were… Continue reading


July 26, 2012

On the face of it, this has been a pretty good week for the wind industry. After a worrying month or so, in which George Osborne seemed to be listening to his party’s MPs, they appear to have got away with a mere 10% reduction in the large subsidies they get paid to produce (and sometimes not to produce) wind energy.

But if I were in the business, a piece of news that has received rather… Continue reading

Cape Wind Associates has proposed to build 130 large wind turbines on a 24 square mile area of Horseshoe Shoal, in Nantucket Sound. The project is controversial. Cape Wind argues that the project will lower electricity costs to consumers, reduce emissions from power plants in the New England region, create more jobs on Cape Cod, and contribute to greater energy diversity and independence. Critics of the project are concerned about the high cost of wind-generated electricity,… Continue reading