If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.

Ten years too late, it’s good riddance to wind farms – one of the most dangerous delusions of our age

Christopher Booker UK

"I have been following this (wind turbine) extraordinary story for ten years ever since, in 2002, I first began looking carefully at what really lay behind this deceptive obsession with the charms of wind power. It didn’t take me long, talking to experts and reading up on the technical facts, to see that the fashionable enthusiasm for wind energy was based on a colossal illusion. I first warned about what I called ‘the greatest mistake in our history’ in an article in the Mail almost ten years ago.
I described the claim that it would be the answer to all our future energy problems as a catastrophic failure of judgment. I feared that windpower was stupendously inefficient and ludicrously expensive and that by falling for the greatest energy hoax of our time, the Labour government could be consigning Britain to a very dark future. So unreliable are wind turbines — thanks to the wind’s constant vagaries — that they are one of the most inefficient means of producing electricity ever devised."

"The erection of a wind turbine creates apprehension in the general public, which makes the property less desirable and thus diminishes the prices of neighbouring property...” “Continuing scientific uncertainty over the adverse health consequences of wind turbines only serves to perpetuate the debilitating effect of wind turbines on property prices.”
Ben Lansink, Appraiser

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Recent News

November 1, 2012

By , Scottish Correspondent


A wind farm developer has withdrawn a leaflet claiming wind turbines do not affect house prices following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The move follows an objection from an anti–wind farm campaigner who complained about material handed out by Wind Prospect Developments Ltd at an exhibition on a proposed 12–turbine development in Midlothian, Scotland.

The leaflet, produced by the industry trade body RenewableUK, claimed that it… Continue reading

February 4, 2010


Even with the new proposed regulations surrounding their installations,  the debate about wind turbines continue to rage in Ontario and certainly here in the Blue Mountain area.  Recent letters to the editor such as this one and this one highlight the divergent opinions that exist.  Coalitions of citizens have formed groups such as the Blue Highlands Citizens Coalition and the … Continue reading

The Copenhagen Post | November 12, 2012 | cphpost.dk

The loss-of-value clause was passed by parliment in 2008 at the urging of Dansk Folkeparti (DF) and gave neighbours to wind turbines the opportunity to seek financial compensation for lost property value. Fifty-three percent of applicants have received compensation, but those that have had money awarded say the amount did not come close to reflecting the actual value.

An evaluation of the 551 compensation payments made to people living next… Continue reading

Aug. 27, 2012

By Natalie Croxon


NORTHERN Tablelands landowners say the prospect of wind farms in the region has already scared off potential buyers, leaving them worried for the future.

Last month the 119-turbine White Rock Wind Farm, to be located between Glen Innes and Inverell, was approved by the Department of Planning and construction will start in 2014.

Another approved project, the Glen Innes Wind Farm, will include 27 turbines about 12km west of Glen Innes, while… Continue reading

22 July 2012


Government agency finally admits that thousands can be wiped off value of homes

Wind farms can wipe tens of thousands of pounds off the value of homes, a government agency has admitted for the first time.

The Valuation Office Agency has been forced to re-band homes into lower council tax categories, confirming what most residents who live near the giant turbines already know: they are detrimental to property prices.

The move will make… Continue reading

November 19, 2012

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer


Municipal councillors in Plympton-Wyoming want to know what wind turbines heading their way will do to property values.

Council passed a resolution recently asking the Ontario government for information about the impact wind energy projects are having on property value assessments.

“There have been all kinds of rumours out there and we’ve been trying to get the information from MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) or municipal affairs about the… Continue reading

08 November 2012


TUNISIA: A series of arson attacks at a 190MW wind farm under construction in northern Tunisia has led to 75 wind turbines being taken offline.

The latest incident occurred on the night of 19-20 October, when so far unidentified intruders forced the door of one of the turbines open and set it alight. The project is located near Metline and Kchabta.

Three similar attacks have taken place since the Tunisian revolution in the winter of 2010.… Continue reading

September 18, 2012



“It’s a shame after all these years as friends, neighbours and family we stood together and looked out for each other. And now the DOLLAR SIGN shows up and it’s every man for themselves. Or as someone said it’s a free country, we can do what we want and if you don’t like the turbines you can move.
We have two choices; put a for sale sign on our farm and take what we can… Continue reading

November 10, 2012



FAIRHAVEN — A recently released study of industrial wind turbines in Northern Maine has found they can cause sleep disturbances that result in physical and mental health issues in humans living as far as 4,500 feet away.

The study, published in the September-October issue of Noise and Health, is the first of its kind to be scientifically vetted and approved through the peer-review process.

“Industrial wind turbine noise is a further source of environmental noise,… Continue reading

November 12, 2012


People living next to wind turbines say that their compensation does not reflect the actual value of their property losses. Better than nothing, politicians counter

An evaluation of the 551 compensation payments made to people living next to wind turbines indicates that the average amount was 57,000 kroner per household. Estate agents say the amount is often far below the actual property value loss, which in some cases is up to 20 percent.


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